“Jamie has created a visual vocabulary that speaks to us of a dreamy other world. Friendly shapes suggestive of natural forms greet you, floating on wood grain and gold leaf. I want one on my wall to stare at while day dreaming about the future” – Gallery owner, Vanessa Lacy


"It is said that all life on earth is created from the matter of long-dead stars. Through my art, I strive to make quiet moments that represent the creative forces behind our universe. The shapes and patterns I see in my environment, as well as those too small or vast to see — mushrooms and mountains, crystals and clouds, sealife and forests, microbes and cosmos — provide me with a constant source of inspiration. More specifically, I’m interested in using abstraction to create a purposeful space for multiple interpretations while also revealing a shared visual connection between these objects through reoccurring geometric motifs, custom hand-marbled designs, and even gold leaf details to reference the star stuff that permeates all life."

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Selected works represented by
Saatchiart, ArtsKC and Artfinder.

“Combing marbling, gilding and hard-edge line, Jamie creates paintings that are both geometric and primordial” – Curator, Aurora Garrison



Beco Gallery, Kansas City '19, '20

Venessa Lacy Gallery, Kansas City '20
The Bunker Art Center, Kansas City '19
Malin Gallery, Kansas City Artists Coalition '19
Vulpes Bastille Gallery, Kansas City '19
437CO Art Gallery, Grand Junction '18
Pulse Projects Gallery, Kansas City '18

The Other Art Fair, London '17

Leyden Gallery, London '17

Le Dame Art Gallery, London '17

House and Garden Festival, London '16
Candid Arts Trust, London '14

H & R Block ArtSpace, Kansas City '08

Lee Hansley Gallery, Raleigh '06 

Artemis Gallery, Seattle '04

The Palm Room, Seattle '04


› Selected for Saatchi Art’s 100 Voices, 100 Artists international campaign ’20

› Featured Meet the Others on Canvas blog '20
› Part of Eden Roc Miami Beach hotel's art collection curated by Saatchi Chief Curator 

› Selected for Leyden Gallery’s Platform for Emerging Arts
› Featured in Homes & Garden magazine, Design*Sponge & Apartment Therapy.