Originally from Colorado, Jamie Gray now lives and works in Kansas City. Gray studied painting, photography, and textile design, ultimately receiving both a Bachelor's and a Master's degree in graphic design. Academic background and professional practice in design deeply underpin her formal choices and processes, as does an environmental association with each place she has lived – including the architecture of London England, the trees of the Pacific Northwest, the geology of the Southwest, and the seasonal storms of the Midwest.


In 2015 Gray establishing a full-time fine art and jewelry design practice, called Grayjay Studio. Her mixed media approach highlights her interest in integrating craft-based techniques – such as custom hand-marbled materials, encaustic beeswax, collage, woodworking, paper-clay, and gold leaf gilding – into the making of contemporary art and design. Wearing the hats of artist, designer, & solo-maker means each discipline directly informs the other and also reveals a consistent through-line in her abstract, geometric, and color-forward aesthetic.

Currently Gray is a studio-resident at the historic Kansas City Artists Coalition. She also teaches classes on Design, Color Theory, and Product Styling and offers custom product photography services to fellow makers.